Two-Person Facebook Live Broadcast Is Now A Reality

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Just a few weeks ago, we were among the first to announce that Facebook was working on a way to accommodate two people in one Facebook Live broadcast. This is actually now becoming a reality.

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The feature was first heard of at VidCon back in June, alongside some other cool things like a waiting room for Live, or live-broadcast scheduling. Today, reports are rolling in that say that Facebook has started rolling out two-persons broadcast on Live.

Verified Users First

But don’t jump on your phone just right now. This will be a phased rollout. First public figures using the Mentions app on IOS via a verified Profile or Page will be able to use the new feature. But they will only be able to do so with another verified account anyway. A verified account that also uses Mentions of course.

The second rollout phase will see all brands in the US getting the feature as early as September this year. Finally, brands and personal profiles worldwide could see the new feature rolling out around October or November.

And as usual, everything was confirmed by a “Facebook spokesperson”, who spoke to our friends at The Next Web:

In June, we announced that we would soon enable people using Facebook Live to invite another person on Facebook to join their live video, broadcasting together and sharing the screen. We are now starting to roll out this new capability, starting with a small number of public figures and Pages. In the coming months, we will continue to make this more broadly available to people, public figures, and Pages using Facebook Live. We believe this will make broadcasts more fun and interactive and open up new possibilities for Live.

Personally, I’m happy to see that my verified profile will finally allow me to do something cool. But I still don’t really like the Mentions app…

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