Two-Person Broadcasting Is Coming To Facebook Live

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This is perhaps the biggest news for Facebook Live! The news that many professionals and publishers have been waiting for! At VidCon, Facebook pre-announced a major update to Live: the ability for two people to share a live broadcast, even if they are in different locations.

Facebook Live is an awesome feature that has now been available for a few months to most users and Pages globally. The updated version, which will go live later this summer starting with verified Pages, will now allow for two people in different locations to share a live broadcast. 

This is first of all a major update for news organisations and publishers who will now be able to broadcast live interviews, even if both parties are in two different parts of the world.

With the new feature, you will be able to invite a friend to “drop in” on your broadcast, and join the conversation.

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Waiting Rooms And Pre-Scheduled Broadcasts

But that’s not all. During VidCon, Facebook also announced two other new features for Facebook Live.
You will soon be able to pre-schedule times for your next Live broadcast and even let users hang out in new “waiting rooms” before you go live. The new feature will also let you send notifications to your community about your upcoming Live broadcast.

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MSQRD Joins Live

Finally, a third announcement was about the integration of MSQRD – recently acquired by Facebook – into Facebook Live. MSQRD users will now be able to go live directly from the app, using MSQRD masks during the live broadcast.

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These are massive changes that will be brought to Facebook Live over the course of the next few months. Although the MSQRD integration is clearly user-oriented, the waiting rooms, pre-scheduling and especially the 2-person live broadcasting will definitely be a great advantage in convincing more publishers to use Facebook Live.

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