Twitter’s Hyper-Local Ads Work: A Case Study

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We first heard about Twitter’s Hyper local ads when MP candidates used them to target specific audiences and gain their votes for the upcoming general elections. However, it seems that this feature was not a one-off implementation, but it’s truly here to stay.

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The latest brand to try this feature is newly-founded Bizzby, an app that offers on-demand services, such as cleaning, handyman, health and beauty treatments in London. Due to the fact that Bizzby’s services are already localised, it made perfect sense to use hyper-local ads to drive app downloads and awareness. 

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Bizzby used Twitter’s cards for apps drive quality downloads of its app in Central London. To achieve that, it took advantage of Twitter’s feature that enables targeting users by postcode. Using Image App Cards, along with a strong visual and a highly relevant copy, Bizzby drove app installs with a single click.

Breaking further down the course of actions, we found Bizzby‘s recipe for success, which was no other than high granularity. The brand used targeted its ads by postal code and tailored images to accompany them. So instead of putting out a generic visual that would address the people of London, they used ones that had strong call to actions for the residents of specific areas – Streatham, Peckham and so on.


Moreover, Bizzby used device targeting on its ads. It also customised its visuals to correspond to these specific device models, so when a user would see the ad, it would have a clear view of how the app would look on his or her device. Absolutely brilliant. 

Then, Bizzby used custom audiences to target specific behaviours. Instead of going for users that have already installed its app, Bizzby went for new users.

Combining images, with strong CTAs seemed and exhaustive segmentation proved to work perfectly for the brand. The results are really interesting: Twitter contributed the highest number of installs, compared to other online and offline channels. Moreover, the quality of the installs show that the acquired audience will be returning customers: the CPI was 45% better than Bizzby’s target and the LTV (lifetime value) of users acquired through Twitter was 20% higher than other channels.

Nice work, Bizzby.

Image courtesy of Bizzby and Twitter.

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