Twitter Won’t Crop Your Images Anymore

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Twitter began as a text-only platform and it has since done very little to centre itself around anything else. We all know though, that images rule social media, and it seems that Twitter has finally got the memo. The company has announced it is making the “photo experience” richer on the platform. And one of the big ways it is doing so, is by showing images uncropped on

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Whereas Twitter has traditionally been text-only, rich media like images or videos are a necessary part of the social media experience nowadays. Twitter is obviously looking for ways to make that aspect of the platform better.

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Today, Twitter is making the timeline “more immersive, by uncropping photos”. This is great news! Photos on will appear uncropped – they will be shown as their creators meant for them to appear.



However, that’s not the end of it. If a user uploads multiple images, Twitter has a new and improved way to display them.


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These updates are bringing Twitter closer to the leading visual platforms. Together with auto-play for video and GIFs, the new image formatting will no doubt benefit the platform.

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