Twitter Opens Flight School To All Users

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About a year and a half ago, Twitter launched Flight School – a training program for agencies, covering everything someone needs to know about the platform, to be able to use it for clients. Now, Twitter has extended Flight School to all its users to take the course and tests.

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Flight School for Twitter, is a training program available in 16 languages with examinations for users, and includes best practices, case studies and much more. It has been created to help agency staff get the most out of their use of the platform for their clients. Now, this extends to anyone out there who would like to use Twitter to their advantage.

You can find it here, but this is what to expect.

It is a standalone app that you log into with your Twitter username and password and give permission to in order for it to keep track of progress if you want to go back to it at a later date. All material is broken up into separate modules with an expected completion time on each. You don’t need any experience whatsoever with Twitter to do Flight School, as it’s all here – even the basics, like what a tweet is and how the platform works overall.

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Sessions go more and more into depth and look at various ways in which brands use the platform and how they could use it for marketing purposes. If you’re familiar with Twitter and have used it a lot, you shouldn’t find anything very complex, but although more experienced users might want to skip some of the first sessions and move directly onto “Flight Check” – the test in each section – I think there is something here to learn for anyone at most levels of Twitter-proficiency.

As you move through the course, you will be able to learn some quite advanced strategies and tactics on the platform. It’s worth doing, and taking the tests because at the end one gets a badge that can be used to show proficiency. After all, it should only take you an hour to complete. Finally, at the end of the course you get access to a range of really interesting Twitter resources.

Thanks Twitter!

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