Twitter Now Has A Notification Feature To Alert You To Live Streams

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With Twitter concentrating its efforts into live streaming – on its platform but also on Periscope – it doesn’t want people missing out. So, it’s developed a new feature to allow users to subscribe to live video alerts.

Twitter wants its users to use its live features more. So, it’s encouraging them to stay updated about when there is a live stream that the would be interested in. If a user follows certain accounts – like Bloomberg, the NFL or other content creators that have broadcasting deals with Twitter – they will also get an alert.

To set the notification, a user will have to go to an account and press the notification button. This can be found right next to the follow button. A “account notifications” card will then pop up and the user will have to press the “only tweets with live video” option.

When that account then starts a live stream, Twitter will tell you who is broadcasting within the app. The notification also works if the Twitter app is closed. A subscribed user will receive a push notification that will take them directly to the live stream in question.

Twitter has invested many resources into its live video offerings. Whether it’s Periscope, or its deals with broadcasters, the company is banking heavily on live features working out. And despite not having many competitors, its main one is perhaps the scariest. And although Facebook hasn’t declared war just yet, we can see this happening soon.

In any case, Twitter needs to liven up and start boosting engagement and user growth. It also really needs live as a way to make money with ads on live streams.

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