Twitter Is Testing A New Non-Chronological Timeline

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Oh boy, this is going to be confusing for many users. Twitter is reported to be conducting a series of test where tweets are no longer organised in a chronological manner on a user’s timeline. And the twittosphere is not liking it… as always.

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Twitter has always, and still is, looking for ways to generate more engagement on its platform (and make money too but that is another subject.) 

As it appears, their latest trial consists of presenting tweets in a non-chronological fashion in the timeline – which then would not really deserve the name “timeline” anymore...  And, of course, users are not too happy with this.

Twitter has not exactly confirmed the test, nor offered an explanation as to why some users are seeing this on their account. And, at this stage, there is no clue as to what Twitter takes into account to rank the importance of a tweet or how to decide to place it higher up on the timeline.

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It could be linked to the number of followers that each user has, the number of engagements (retweets, likes) a tweet got, or if a topic is trending or simply because you have engaged with a specific user more than average, in the past.

Time will tell, right? (do you see what I did here?)

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