Twitter Is Experimenting Second-Screen Timelines For TV Shows

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Until now, we all pretty much know that when our favourite TV series or programme is on, we turn to Twitter to see what our peers are saying and share our two cents. Well, Twitter knows that and is now experimenting with special timelines dedicated to the series and shows we love.

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TV Timelines will basically be a new way for Twitter to show tweets related to specific shows and it will appear each time a user choses the hashtag used for that show (currently, American Idol, The Big Bang Theory, @Midnight and The Blacklist are participating in this experiment). Then a dialog box pops-up asking users whether they want to participate in the TV Timeline and view the conversations.

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When users accept this invitation, they are then transferred to this TV timeline which has the following sections: Highlights, Media and All. Highlights’ contains the most popular tweets, Media’ includes all the videos and photos tweeted and All’ contains all the tweets and conversations generated around the show.


We see a huge opportunity for Twitter to include exclusive material from the shows. In fact, this could be a safe guess when it comes to the future development of the feature. What’s your guess?

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