Twitter Is Bringing Night Mode To iOS

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iPhone owners can rejoice. Twitter is finally bringing “night mode” to iOS! Yes, almost a month later, the new dark mode is making its way from Android to iOS.

Night Mode, Dark Mode, What Is It?

Twitter’s night mode is a simple feature that allows you to change your background colour from white to a darker shade of grey, and Tweet text from black to white. Have a look:


To activate “night mode”, head over to your Twitter app, tap on the Me icon at the bottom right of your screen, then on the gear icon (the settings button). There, select “turn on dark mode” and dark you will go. Of course, you can use the same process to switch back to the regular white background and black-text setting.

Do note however, that switching to the night mode on one of your accounts will also switch all the other accounts you have set on the same phone.

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Is it useful? Maybe not, maybe yes. I think your eyes will thank you in a few years time. In the meantime, it’s a cool gimmick, and I like it!

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