Twitter Buy Button Now Available to All, Thanks to Stripe

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I wonder if you’ve noticed, but there’s an e-commerce race going on – one that all the major social platforms are dying to win. Twitter has just taken a big step closer to winning. Anyone can now use a buy button to sell things.

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Prepare for the invasion of the “Buy” button. Twitter is now allowing anyone to sell through tweets by enlisting payments company, Stripe, to help. Stripe just launched a product called Relay, and it promises to help you sell your products through Twitter. Actually, not just through Twitter – there is a list of other apps that use Stripe.


It’s all based on the premise that we must simplify the buying and selling process by making it instant. Users should be able to “use Relay to enable instant purchases in third-party mobile apps,”. Exactly. Relay is not just about Twitter. It can be used by developers in their own apps to make simplify in-app buying as a process.

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I mean, nobody wants to have to leave an app in order to buy something. Relay helps get rid of the need to leave an app, by giving app developers “a set of APIs for building great in-app buying experiences.” The new product is a significant step because Stripe has been behind the “Buy” buttons on Twitter since it all began, and has the experience to pull this off on a bigger scale. Now, anyone can Tweet and sell their products.

Anyone think that this is NOT a big deal?

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