Twitter Brings Updates To Safety Features Tackling Harassment On The Platform

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Making Twitter a safer place for its users is pivotal to its survival. As an environment where many different opinions are exchanged, it needs to make sure that it’s users can stay safe from harassment. This has been a lot more than expected, but Twitter is constantly looking for ways to improve. 

Twitter listens to its users, and constantly fixes or adds features that make an impact on how users can feel safe on the platform. In a series of Tweets this week, Ed Ho – VP of engineering at Twitter – announced some recent tweaks, and promises to continue with new and improved safety features. One of these, is to “tackle long overdue fixes to mute/block and stopping repeat offenders from creating new accounts.”

With these fixes, Twitter wants to show that “making Twitter a safer place is [its] primary focus, and [it is] now moving with more urgency than ever. Ed Ho also said that it will “listen, learn and keep shipping until [it has] made a significant impact that people can feel.”

With trolling rife on the platform, this is something that Twitter really needs to continue to address. In a recent post, a Twitter spokesperson told VentureBeat’s Ken Yeung:

We’re approaching safety with a sense of urgency. As such, we will be rolling out a number of product changes in the coming days and weeks. Some will be immediately visible, while others will be more targeted to specific scenarios. We will update you along the way and continue to test, learn and iterate on these changes to evaluate their effectiveness. You can expect to see meaningful progress in this area.

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