Twitter Adds Several New Advanced Notification Filters

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Following the introduction of some new notification filters in March, Twitter is rolling out a whole new host of them to help users control their notifications. 

On Monday, Twitter announced the new notification filters via a Tweet. The link led to the feature’s support page, explaining to users how to use it. Users can now allow or block notifications from accounts that are new and that they don’t follow, notifications from accounts that don’t follow them (and that they don’t follow), as well as accounts that they don’t follow in general.

Also, to cut down on spam accounts, they can control notifications from accounts with default profile photos, ones without a confirmed email address or ones without a confirmed phone number – again, these are accounts that users do not follow.

Notifications include, which Tweets are being liked, the latest Retweets of a user’s Tweets, Tweets directed to a user (mentions and replies), as well as new followers. As Twitter explains, notifications can be seen in two ways:

All shows you notifications for account activity like new followers, Retweets, mentions, and likes. Mentions shows you notifications only for Tweets that mention your username.

There are currently three ways a user can filter notifications: A quality filter, muted words, and the advanced filters mentioned above. Launched in August of last year the quality filter “filters lower-quality content from your notifications.” It could be duplicate content or content appearing to have been automated. It will not filter out accounts a user follows or accounts that they’ve recently interacted with.

With muted words, users can filter out specific words or phrases in Tweet notifications. Advanced filters (outlined above) are useful for any user who wants to control what accounts to avoid.

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