#TopTrends Is The New Tool For TopShop To Democratise Fashion

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The London Fashion Week is an important event for fashion lovers from all over the world. And where you hear fashion in London, you hear Topshop. The brand is always working hard to link its name to fashion and more importantly, to be recognized as the brand who wants to democratise Fashion.

This year, they decided that social media and good old outdoor advertising was the winning combination.

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TopShop joined efforts with Ocean Outdoor to create an innovative outdoor advertising campaign, fuelled by social media mentions.

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Any fashion event generates thousands of social media mentions, often turning into top trending stories on Twitter or Facebook. TopShop and Ocean Outdoor built a mechanism that identifies the top trends on social media and automatically transforms them into outfits from TopShop that are then displayed on interactive billboards all over England.

The billboards are located within a 10-minute walk radius around TopShop stores, so as to increase immediate foot traffic.

And on top of all this, Ocean Outdoor also adds in location, weather and time data to increase the relevancy of its display. For example, if it starts raining in Glasgow, the billboard will reference a suitable looks that will fit both the local weather and the trending topics on social media.

Here is the video that explains it all:

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