This Guy Created A Full 8-bit RPG On Twitter

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The second best thing about social media is their interactivity. Second only, because the real best thing about social media platforms is about hacking their core features to create something original, and awesome.

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A while ago, we told you the story of some guys who built an adventure game on Instagram. Today, we’re even more in love with this awesome role-playing game, all in 8-bit colour graphics, and entirely created on Twitter!

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You have certainly played RPGs (role-playing games) before. But when was the last time you played one on a social media platform? My guess is never. Until now.

Leon is a New-Yorker, and in his spare time, he built the first ever Twitter-based RPG. Imagine this: you are a young knight who must save the world from a villainous wizard. Every step of the way, your choices will influence the story, and in the end, you may or may not succeed in your quest.

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Leon used a basic feature of Twitter that allows users to mention other accounts. In every step of the game, your choices will make you click on one or another of the accounts mentioned in the tweet. As you have already guessed, the next account you click on takes you one step closer to completing your quest… or to a final… “Game over”.

I think this is an amazing idea from Leon, that many brands and agencies will no doubt try to copy, in the near future.

Are you ready? The story starts here:

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