This Burger Is So Long It Won’t Fit On One Social Platform

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On December 10th 2015, Burger King France revealed its new limited edition burgers: The Xtra Long Chili Cheese and the Long Chicken Bacon & Cheese.

As you can guess, these burgers are special because they are so…. long. So Burger King asked their agency, Buzzman, to come up with a special idea to promote them on social media.

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It wasn’t the first time Buzzman had worked with Burger King France.  They had already created the tallest ever burger on Instagram to celebrate the return of the iconic brand in France, back in July 2014.

This time however, to promote the new “long” burgers, Buzzman decided that they were so long, they could not possibly fit on one social media platform.

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So, the new burgers have been introduced to the world, using every single platform where Burger King France is active: From Facebook to Twitter, From Instagram to Vine and YouTube before coming back to Facebook. It’s an amazing idea that will take you on a trip through the brand’s social presence, making sure it gets the publicity the new burgers deserve, and earn a few new followers across platforms.

It all starts on Facebook:

Now you can click or copy the links you will find in the post, or follow the journey by scrolling down.

Going to Twitter:

Then Instagram:

Le seul burger qui ne pourra jamais tenir entièrement dans un selfie. 👉🏽Pour voir la suite, cliquez sur le lien dans notre bio.

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On to YouTube:

And ending with a long Facebook Carousel:

What do you want now? A burger, right?

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