There Is a Country Where Twitter Outpaces Facebook

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Good news are rare about Twitter recently. The platform has seen some its worst financial results in Q4, as it is still failing to attract new active users in great numbers. Last week, Jack Dorsey explained how the company was now looking into simplifying its platform, hoping this would help more people understand and use it. Pretty gloomy, huh?

But all is not bad for Twitter, as it appears there is a country where the platform outpaces all other social networks, including Facebook.

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While Twitter lost over 1 million users in the US in Q4, a new report by the Wall Street Journal indicates that Twitter is quickly outgrowing Facebook by around 10 million users, in…. Japan!

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Shaliest Rao, Twitter’s vice president of Asia-Pacific, Latin America and emerging markets explained to WSJ:

We’ve seen more than a five-fold growth in usage in a really short time. In 2011, Japan reportedly had less than 7 million users.

The report goes on to explain that Twitter now counts 35 million monthly active users in Japan (as of the end of 2015), compared to Facebook’s 25 million.

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So what makes Japan a success that Twitter cannot seem to replicate elsewhere? Could it be a language thing? Maybe Japanese is a better fit for the 140-character limit? Or maybe, more likely, a cultural thing?

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