The Most Popular Of “Everything” On Twitter

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So, Twitter turned 10 this week. Time does fly right? Well, we’re not going to get all soppy about it. Here’s a look at the most popular of everything, on Twitter. Sure, maybe not everything – Do you at least know what the most popular Emoji is, on the platform?

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The top emoji on Twitter is 😂. In case you are not well-versed in the dark emoji arts, it means “tears of joy.” It’s been tweeted roughly 14.5 billion times! But what about the other popular things on Twitter? Well, in 10 years, the most tweeted hashtag is #FF. Yes, that’s “Follow Friday”. Guess how many mentions that hashtag got? Over half a billion (534 million)!

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To mark the anniversary, Twitter also announced some other things that were the most popular on the platform. For example.

The most retweeted tweet… That one was a famous Ellen DeGeneres selfie from the Oscars back in 2014. You remember the one. It takes the cake, and is the king of retweets with over 3.3 million retweets.

The most followed person… Katy Perry. With over 85 million followers. The most mentioned person… Justin Bieber. With a meager 77 million followers. Here are some surprises… The most geotagged city is São Paulo, Brazil, whereas the number of times that the word “love” was said on Twitter? A whopping 34.8 billion times!

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You might think that the Pope grew his Instagram following pretty fast, but what about Caitlyn Jenner? The fastest user to reach one million followers. Crazy, right?

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