The Best LinkedIn Strategy? Be Yourself!

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We usually think of social media as a place to express our true selves. And while this is often true on Facebook or Twitter, many of us are not comfortable with doing so on LinkedIn. This is arguably because of the professional nature of the network, but coaching expert Melissa Dawn thinks this is exactly what we are doing wrong.

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We use LinkedIn to connect with industry peers, potential employers or prospect clients. And because of that, we tend to be overly careful with what we say, what we share, and where we leave comments. Even our profile is on the careful side: from the picture we choose, down to the very words we carefully select to describe ourselves. Why? Because we are scared to break away from the traditional models and fear what other professionals will think of us.

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These are real life difficulties. But in the following infographic, Melissa Dawn, Coach and founder of CEO of Your Life, explains why we need to break away from this model, and start being our true self on LinkedIn. The reason is simple: this is how you will succeed into attracting people you will truly enjoy working with.

5 Key Points To Take Away

  • – Make the real you stands out, starting from the headline
  • – Show credibility, expose the problem you solve and add a call-to-action
  • Make connections, be friendly, be out there!
  • Nurture your relationships: review notifications, reply to messages, re-connect
  • – Be active and post as much as possible. Don’t forget to engage with what others post too!

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