Stop Everything, There Is A Hidden Inbox In Messenger

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Yes, there is a third inbox within your Facebook Messenger and you might be missing some important messages!

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Since Facebook opened up Messenger to non-Facebook contacts, we have slowly gotten used to our “Other” inbox on the app. It is where you can find almost every message from people you are not Facebook friends with. That’s already awkward sometimes, and often hard to remember you may have important messages there. But OK, it is there, you know it, you get notified when you get a new “message request” and all in all, you get to see those messages somehow.

But, what if I told you there is another inbox, a third one, and that it is very well hidden?

Well yes, there it is, and no-one knew about it. It is a place where Facebook stocks up messages that were automatically filtered out of your inbox. What are the criteria for a message to be filtered out? I don’t know. But I found some valuable messages sent to me for people I did not know, but conversations I wish I was still having. Of course, there were also dozens of spam messages. Nevertheless, you have to go check what messages might be lying in there, waiting for you to read and respond to .

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How To Access Your Hidden Messenger Inbox

Wait for it… it is indeed very well hidden.

Step one, tap on “Settings”, then select “People” and “Message Requests.” Then tap on the “See filtered requests” link: there you are.


Tell us what you found in your hidden inbox! Anything valuable?

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