Speak Emoji Translates Everything You Say Into… Emoji

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Do you sometimes feel like you’ve been left behind? That maybe you don’t understand everything your friends are chatting about? That could be because you are not fluent in… Emoji.

Emoji are everywhere now. They add emotions and feelings to our text messages, and sometimes they even replace words. And that is when it becomes difficult for the less “nerdy” of us. But now, with SpeakEmoji, you can be cool again.

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SpeakEmoji is a new app developed by Sapient Nitro. What it does is amazing, it translates everything you say into Emoji.

And it is really easy to use too: once you have installed the app on your phone (iOS and Android), just speak into the microphone, and the app translates what you say into an Emoji sentence. Of course, because SpeakEmoji is all about being social, you can then use the results and share them directly in a text message, an email, Facebook, Twitter or Facebook Messenger.

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Here is a rather funny video that will tell you more about the app:

Whether we like it or not, Emoji have grown to be a massive trend. They are everywhere, and especially in texts shared via social and messaging platforms. The app does not offer the reverse process for that, hence not yet helping you translate Emoji into words, but there are several online services that do that.  Emojitranslate.com for example… although you will still have to type in or copy/paste the emoji for it to work.

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Get SpeakEmoji for iOS or Android now! It’s 100% free.

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