Self Serve Ad Buying Is Coming To Snapchat

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Snapchat is pretty picky when it comes to advertising. The social network is charging brands hefty sums to let them advertise. However, some latest reports, show that this is about to change.

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Snapchat has been focused on a shopping spree recently, acquiring or planning to acquire ad tech companies, that will allow it to automate its ad buying process. More specifically, Snapchat is looking to incorporate targeting and analytics in its products, to attract more advertisers, and to offer a comprehensive platform for tracking performance and optimisation.

Also, Snapchat is also investing in developing an API to facilitate the ad buying process. This means that the social network is heading in the direction of both Facebook and Instagram, which, have not only set up a great self-serve ad platform, but have also allowed third parties to embed these functionalities in their own platforms.

Such moves could boost revenue for Snapchat, which seems to reserve promoted spots only for brands that are willing to pay large amounts for a place in the spotlight. By developing an ad suite, the company could become more accessible to more brands and generate some much needed revenue. However, as with all platforms that take the first steps in advertising, Snapchat’s main concern is to strike the right balance between organic, and promoted content.

One thing is for sure. It’s going to be an exciting year for Snapchat. Do you agree?

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