Pinterest Updates Its Notifications And Inbox

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If you’re a frequent user on Pinterest, you will have noticed something different. Notifications and messages have become much simpler. That’s because Pinterest has overhauled notifications and its inbox, recently.

Nothing is missing from the new version of both features. Everything is just… simpler. As Product Manager at Pinterest, Seth Weisfeld explains in a post announcing the changes,

All the same info you’re used to seeing is still right there, we’ve just combined some things so it’s easier for you to understand who’s loving what, and maybe even discover a few new ideas along the way.

So, what are the changes exactly?

“You” Has Been Removed

Well, for one, “News” and “You” are now combined. The “You” tab has been removed, and notifications from that section are now within your “News” tab. Also, you don’t get as many individual notifications anymore. They’ve been “consolidated into one simple story that you can tap into for more details.” All the other things you are expecting to find are here now.

For example, you can find you your own personalised recommendations, along with,

– The ideas people you know are saving and liking in the topics you care about most
– Who all’s been following your boards, and liking and saving the same ideas as you
– Which new boards people are creating, and finding to follow

Notifications have now also become a lot more visual, so you can easily see which Pins were liked “and what new ideas people are discovering.” You can then simply tap on any of the Pins, boards, or users within a notification to take a closer look.

Brand New Inbox

Anything people send you, including invites to group boards, messages, comments on your Pins, etc. can now all be found within your Inbox. The new Inbox is being rolled out still, so check out if yours has changed! – Seth Weisfeld, Product Manager, is currently saving ideas to Plating

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