PayPal’s Integration With Facebook Messenger Deepens, With New Invoicing Extension

by • November 23, 2017 • FacebookComments Off on PayPal’s Integration With Facebook Messenger Deepens, With New Invoicing Extension2864

PayPal is taking another step forward in its integration with Messenger – this time with a new extension that allows sellers to invoice buyers via the payment service. 

PayPal’s integration with Facebook Messenger is not new. Last year, Messenger started allowing users to pay for things through PayPal, without ever leaving the app. Last month, the Facebook-owned messaging app started allowing payments between users on Messenger, using PayPal instead of their credit cards. Now, things are going a bit further with PayPal’s announcement of a new chat extension that enables Messenger users to invoice buyers directly from within the app.

The extension will ensure that transactions that take place on Messenger use PayPal’s powerful and secure payment system, and invoicing takes place easily, with sellers able to create and send PayPal Invoices directly to buyers – complete with a price and image. Buyers simply pay – within the Messenger conversation.

So, whether it’s a transaction that was agreed upon on the spot – at a garage sale, for example, sellers can invoice easily, and receive payment securely and quickly.

Sellers who’d like to use the invoicing extension, simply open the extension tray and select PayPal. Then they create the invoice with details like item name, description, price, and quantity, and finally, send it to the buyer. The buyer can then simply tap on “Pay with PayPal” to complete the transaction. The transaction is handled seamlessly with PayPal One Touch. Easy!

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