No More Break Up Drama With The Help Of Facebook

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Well, sort of. Because your exes are still on Facebook, obviously. But the platform will now solve the most important question: to block, or not to block your ex?

A breakup can be a stressful period, and the existence of so many social networks doesn’t really help. Countless hours have been spent stalking our exes and their whereabouts, but to what benefit? Exactly… none. That’s why Facebook wants to help you get over your past relationships and enjoy your newly found single life.

How? With a new feature that lets you delete people from you feed, without having to block them, or even unfriend them.

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Facebook is all about connecting people. But sometimes life happens, and you don’t want to keep on seeing the updates from your exes. Until now, there was little to no choice: you had to block or unfriend someone. That was up until now though, because Facebook has now come up with a solution. From now on, when you change your relationship status, Facebook will automatically prompt you to choose what you want to see and share with your ex. Yes, you can now literally remove them from your Facebook feed, without blocking or “unfriending” them. Even better, the person you “delete” will never know!

First of all, former partners will have the opportunity to see less of their past “other half”. That means that no updates will be shown on your newsfeed, and their name suggestions won’t come up automatically when tagging pictures or commenting on statuses. There is no need to block your former partner to enjoy this new functionality.

Then, users can choose to limit their posts’ visibility that their former partner will see. Last but not least, Facebook will now give you the opportunity to untag yourself from shared posts, pictures and updates, and limit the amount of people who can see all this past material – quite a lifesaver really!

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The new feature is currently being tested in the US on mobile only. Facebook plans to see how it goes, get feedback, and build a final version that will be rolled out to all users soon enough.

Facebook has been working a lot on making the experience better for all. It’s the company’s way to help users go through the difficult time that a breakup can be, in a world where everyone is connected.

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