Nike Celebrates Active Women With #InstaPoster

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Instagram is all about celebrating moments. It’s about that specific moment you wanted to share with your friends. It’s about something you have achieved, something you love or something that impressed you, something you want to share.

Athletes have those moments of pride, when they feel they have achieved, conquered or simply took a step towards their ultimate goal. Nike wanted to celebrate these moments, as part of its #BetterForIt campaign.

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This summer, in Moscow, Nike took a special direction to celebrate those moments of pride shared by women athletes across the city. The idea: print giant “street art” posters of those Instagram moments and stick them around the city.


#Instaposter is a celebration of women athletes and it was a call-out for more women to join the movement. As the posters took over the city, more and more women posted their moments of pride on Instagram. By the end of the campaign, over 25,000 photos were published on Instagram with the hashtag #betterforit.

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People all over Moscow loved the campaign, and we do too. We love it because this is a true example of how a brand can celebrate its consumers through social and offline guerrilla campaigns.

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