New Feature on Facebook Now Lets You Edit Posts

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How often have you regretted what you posted? How often have you wished you could correct a grammatical mistake instead of deleting an entire post you have just uploaded on Facebook? Up until now, you could only edit image posts, but now, things have changed!

The latest news from Facebook is really great for some of us (or to all of us)! Editing Posts on your Facebook wall is on its way! Facebook has announced the feature which will initially roll out to the desktop version of the platform, and then to the app version on Android devices. The feature is not available on the iOS Facebook app yet, but will be in a later update.

You can find the Edit Post option, simply by clicking on the drop down arrow in the top right corner of your post.

Why did it take them so long?

Facebook was hesitant to add this feature mainly because some users could take (and still could) take advantage of it. For example, someone could write “I love it when people discuss their issues”, receive hundreds of Likes or Comments, and then, edit to say “I love it when people have issues”.

The good thing is that Facebook has examined all the parameters of this issue and whenever someone edits a post,  their friends can view the edit history of the post simply, with one click.

So, you may have the freedom to edit your photo captions or edit your comments but Facebook will in turn let your friends know what you have changed. We wouldn’t exactly call that total editing freedom, but it will do. It’s a feature that we’ve been waiting for for a long time!

Advice: Please, do not OVERDO it with editing! We will be watching your history!


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