Meet Mr. Monkey, Instagram’s Celebrity Plush Toy

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In case you didn’t know already, there’s a monkey that keeps on photobombing Instagram. But it’s not a random ape. It’s Mr. Monkey and he has taken over his master’s account following him on trips and adventures.

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It all started around 20 years ago when Paul Copeland’s then-girlfriend, missed a trip due to illness. To compensate for the absence, Mr. Copeland started photographing a monkey plush toy, to show her the trails she missed during that trip.

That plush toy grew to become Mr. Monkey, who is now under constant camera lights, having a dedicated Instagram feed, where one may find his musings and trips to more than 45 countries.

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It doesn’t end there, though. Mr. Monkey is now some sort of celebrity, posing for pictures with the locals and even other celebrities as well. Possibly the most well-known A-lister to be featured on his feed is the famous football player Thierry Henri, who posed with Mr. Monkey back in 2007.

Mr. Copeland currently owns thousands of photos featuring Mr. Monkey. As he states, he has plenty of material to create a book and. hopefully, pass it on to his children.

Although the detailed whereabouts of Mr. Monkey remain relatively unknown, it is believed that he’s currently in Japan. In any case, next time you’re strolling around town, take extra care and -who knows?- you may spot a monkey!

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