Make Your Facebook News Feed more Relevant with the ‘Organize” Tool

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Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and people you know. No one will argue with this. But it can get difficcult to keep up sometimes, especially if you have a lot of friends whom may not always be people you really know or care about (let’s be honest).

Well the good news is that Facebook actually has a built-in tool to help you with that.

Although it is somewhat hidden (there is apparently no button to access it yet – if you find one, please let us know about it) but if you visit  you will access a built-in tool to help you pare down your news feed. Facebook simply points out people you have not been interacted much with lately and invites you to add them to an “Acquaintance” list. Once added there, you will no longer see much of them in your newsfeed. Of course you can uncheck people later on and have their news back in your feed.

Of course Facebook lists remain more effective but they take more time to set. This tool could be a great and quick “patch” to clear up your news feed in minutes.

What do you think?


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