LinkedIn Display Ads Are Now Available Via Programatic Buying

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LinkedIn has always been an hybrid between a website, a social media platform, and an online job board. It is after all the only social network that has successfully managed to implement a paid subscription model.

But LinkedIn does not only monetise through Pro memberships or self-serve advertising. It also has another option that doesn’t exist on the other social media platforms: display advertising.

Where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube excel at making us invest advertising budget to get more people to see our content, LinkedIn is almost the only platform to have kept some of the more traditional display ads.

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And now, those LinkedIn display ads are now available through programatic buying, via both private and open auctions. This was announced by Russell Glass, head of products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions  in a recent blog post.


Glass explained that because the whole media-buying landscape is changing towards a more and more data driven buying model, LinkedIn saw the opportunity to offer more flexibility for marketers to reach the right people at the right time.

The media-buying landscape is rapidly changing. This is especially true in how advertisers are choosing to buy display media. We know that as a data-driven marketer you need more efficient ways to reach the right people. You want programs that meet, or better yet, beat specific performance metrics. It is our mission to help you fulfill your goals by making it easier than ever to reach the professional audiences that matter most to you.

LinkedIn’s new display advertising is already available through the majority of demand-side platforms (DSP’s) and agency trading desks (ATD’s).

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Will this be the first change following LinkedIn’s $26.2 billion acquisition by Microsoft? One thing’s for sure however. LinkedIn knows where to go, and get the money. Feeling inspired Twitter?

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