KFC Introduces The World’s First GPS Cassette Tape

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KFC’s GPS cassette tape: Because the power of a good digital campaign isn’t about how many people actually interact with it, but how many people hear of it.

As a brand, KFC isn’t short of innovation. But what they have even more of, is humor, and a thing for disrupting the advertising world. After edible ‘finger licking’ good’ nail polish and other advertising successes, the colonel is back with… the world’s first GPS navigation cassette tape.

The tape is an audio recording of Colonel Sanders telling listeners how to drive from Louisville, Kentucky – where KFC’s headquarters are located – to Marietta, Georgia, where its famous Big Chicken franchise – featuring an animatronic chicken that’s 56 feet tall – lives.

Even more specifically, the navigation guidance starts from Colonel Sanders’s grave… and will take you through the scenic route, across places deemed significant to the regional flavours of KFC’s signature burgers. And if you are worried about the length of the trip, you should know the tape also includes road-trip sing-alongs.

Do we love what KFC did here? Of course, it’s an amazingly snarky response to competitors, and their race to technology, real-time pizza delivery trackers and other tech-enhanced activations.

Are you ready for the road trip? If you don’t have a cassette deck in your car (which means most of us), worry not, you can also listen to the tape on YouTube:

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