Katy Perry Becomes The First Person Ever To Reach 100 Million Twitter Followers

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Not Kanye – nor the Kardashians. Not even Madonna, the “queen of pop.” It’s Katy Perry who became the first person on Twitter to reach the historical 100-million Follower mark. 

On Friday last week, Twitter announced that “today we “#WITNESS history” as Katy Perry became the first person ever to reach this Follower count. The hashtag is of course a reference her fifth and most recent studio album.

Katy Perry has been on Twitter almost since the beginning, and has posted over 8,000 Tweets since she joined in 2009. Katy Perry was the biggest conversation-piece on Feb. 2, 2015 the day she performed at Super Bowl XLIX which lead to the creation of the #LeftShark hashtag. Her first Tweet in 2009 was the following,

In her long Twitter presence, the most Tweeted emoji in conversations about her are


while the most-tweeted hashtags about her are


Her post with the most Retweets was the following, with over 132,000 Retweets!

The next most popular celebrity users on Twitter are currently not far behind though.

Justin Bieber has 96,771,198 Followers with over 30k Tweets, while Barack Obama is next with just over 90 million Followers and 15k Tweets. Taylor Swift has just over 85 million Followers and is in 4th place. Lady Gaga has over 66 million Followers and takes 7th place.

Image: Katy Perry on Twitter

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