Instagram Is Planning To Launch A Stop-Motion Feature

by • November 1, 2017 • InstagramComments Off on Instagram Is Planning To Launch A Stop-Motion Feature5720

Remember all those Vine-style stop-motion videos, featuring cool animations? They may soon arrive on Instagram as well.

According to information acquired by Mashable, Instagram is planning to launch a stop-motion tool, for its users to create and share on their Stories. It is understood that the new feature hasn’t yet rolled out broadly and it’s currently being tested on select users’ accounts. It is not yet known when the feature will be available to all users.

Stop-motion video is quite close to what Boomerang does, only that it allows for greater intervals between frames and photos – which are then stitched together to create cool effects. According to the same source, Instagram is being generous with the number of frames it allows users to shoot. It is reported that they are able to put together up to 50 frames at a time.

Users can then add stickers and hashtags, or even doodle on the videos they create, just like any other Stories item they create.

Instagram has been pretty busy on the creative front, launching Superzoom and Halloween filters only last week, much to our delight, proving that it doesn’t only copy, but can also develop its own features.

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