Instagram Just Added A Polling Feature To Stories

by • October 4, 2017 • InstagramComments Off on Instagram Just Added A Polling Feature To Stories4731

Instagram is adding a new feature on Stories that allows users to create straightforward polls and review the answers from their followers.

Polls have always been a thing on the Internet. Largely made popular by BuzzFeed, they have also know huge success on Twitter and Facebook (before the feature was removed from the latter). Well today is a great day for pollers: Instagram Stories just added a feature that allows you to post a straightforward dichotomic poll and get live answers from your followers.

To add a poll to your Stories, simply open the stickers menu, and select “POLL,” which should be located just left of the existing “#HASHTAG” sticker.


Type in your question, modify your answers if needed (if you are looking for something else than the default YES/NO) and publish the Story as you would normally do. Once Live, you will start receiving live answers to your poll, that you will be able to see in your Stories’ insights.

WARNING: Instagram will show you the names of people who chose a specific answer, so be cautious when answering other people’s polls… You have been warned.

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