Instagram.com Is Almost A Real Social Platform Now

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Instagram started as a mobile only platform, and it was a good thing. For some reasons, however, the platform seems to want to establish itself on the Web too. First it was profiles, then a proper feed and recently a notification centre.

And now, Instagram has also added the Discover tab. Which leads to the following question: when will we (finally) be able to upload images from the Web?

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Since Instagram launched its web version, the experience has continuously improved and got closer to what we could already do from our mobile devices, as you can see from the below screenshot:

  • – You can view and edit your profile
  • – You can view your photos and see the comments left on them by your friends
  • – You can search for people and hashtags
  • – You can follow other people and see who is following you
  • – You can see your notifications since last week
  • – And, discover new content since very recently


So, the only thing that we are still missing on Instagram.com is…. UPLOAD.

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Does Instagram Want To Keep It “Instant”?

I’m curious as to why Instagram has not yet allowed uploads from its web interface. I used to think it was because the company wanted its platform to remain “instant” and only show pictures that were taken from mobile devices, just as they were happening. But then, Instagram allows us to upload pics form our photo album, so that’s not so “instant” anymore.

Does Instagram Want To Keep It “Un-photoshopped”?

Then I thought Instagram did not let us upload images form our computers because it wanted to avoid heavy photoshopped images on its platform, rather focusing on filters and other tools we can use within the app to edit our photos. Then I looked at my timeline again and realise it was already full of photoshopped images….

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:

So I came to the conclusion that there could be only three reasons why we are not yet able to upload images from Instagram.com:

  1. They don’t know how to build it (which is highly unlikely)
  2. They haven’t thought of it (which is also highly unlikely)
  3. There is some kind of security reason…

But, in my opinion, the most likely scenario is that Instagram will soon let us upload from the web and that it just was never a priority for them.

What do you think?

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