Instagram Adds Notification Centre To Desktop Version

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Instagram started out as a mobile-only platform and it pretty much still is one. You still can’t do most things on the desktop version that you can do on mobile – but this is starting to change slowly. One small recent change is a notification centre on Instagram on desktop.

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So, Instagram has taken another step towards opening up its use to desktop users as well, by showing them notifications in each user’s menu on the top right-hand corner. New likes and followers for example. They are all there and it’s easy to stay updated with your activity on the platform, no matter what. Still, it’s just not the same though.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 19.45.53

On the mobile version you can see notifications separated into two categories – “You” and “Following”. These are not separated on the desktop version. So, if you want to sit down and check out your notifications in the comfort of your big screen, that’s not going to happen just yet. Naturally, as we all know, you also still can’t upload, edit, or share photos. As small as it might be, this change opens up all kinds of possibilities. Is Instagram on the verge of allowing other big functionalities as well?

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It hasn’t been that long since multiple account switching was introduced – which is something most users really yearned for. I for one know, that a web version of the app would make my work a lot easier. In the last year, other Facebook properties also made the jump onto desktop – Messenger, and WhatsApp for example both became available on the web. Who knows… maybe this is the beginning of the end of “mobile only” Instagram.

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