Have You Seen Instagram’s New Colourful Face Filters?

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In the last two weeks, Instagram launched a new customisable “1960’s” face filter, and more recently a colourful “rainbow” face filter inspired by its community. Feeling inspired?

There’s a lot of colour across social platforms these days. Whether it’s adding food colouring to everything, to dyeing their hair in more than three or four (or more) colours, or attending colour days (not necessarily an Indian festival) people are doing their best to add more colour to their lives, and their… social profiles. Yes, there’s nothing that says 2017 more “colourfully” than… rainbows.

The “flower crown” filter might be a little passé, but rainbows are most certainly not. A new trend – rainbow light filters – has been taking over Instagram for some time now. And so, inspired by its community, Instagram has finally added a new “rainbow” face filter to help its users get creative, without having to resorting to DYI approaches. The new feature allows you to create a vertical or horizontal rainbow and place it exactly where you want it to be on your selfies.

As all face filters, it works on Boomerang, Rewind, and of course other Instagram format. Next step? Simply add to your story, or send to others via Instagram Direct! If you don’t have it yet, check that you have Instagram version 10.28 and higher for iOS, or version 10.29 and higher for Android.

Earlier this month, Instagram also launched a brand new customisable face filter “that brings to life the culture and style of the 1960s.” You get several 60’s-inspired accessories to play with and explore – different hats, glasses and outfits that you can “mix and match to create your own look.” But that’s not all! Instagram says that you can also “tap the background for a kaleidoscopic surprise.”

To see all face filters, simply open the camera and tap on the face icon on the bottom right corner.

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