Have You Noticed The Change In Facebook’s Trending Topics?

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This is a sad day for all those who loved Facebook‘s Trending topics, including me. I understand this may refer to a handful of people, but let’s admit it: Trending topics were a great way to learn what’s going on in the world, in a glimpse, without having to jump on and off platforms. 

It’s not going bust for good though, however, it’s changing so much, that it’s taking the context out of the function. For all those who haven’t noticed yet, Trending topics don’t sport headlines and brief explanation anymore. In fact, they’re merely clickable titles, along with some stats regarding content consumption and concentration. Boring much? You bet.


So, how are we supposed to know this each trending topic is all about? Well, we don’t. Why Facebook actually did this? The answer is simple. Back in May, Facebook faced outcry with regards to the way it choses to decide what surfaces to the Trending Topics or doesn’t. In an attempt to provide transparency, Facebook had proceeded in a series of revelations regarding the way its editorial team works. In the end, the social network had to retract its process and change the way it works to ensure that everything that’s included in the Trending topics is 100% unbiased.

Agreed, but it’s still boring. Boo hoo.

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