Happy Birthday Videos Are Now Official On Facebook

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It was my birthday last week and I was very surprised to see how many more people actually remembered my birthday this year compared to the years before. Facebook is obviously doing a great job at reminding people, because my Timeline filled up pretty fast! And from now on Facebook will be inviting users to leave a video message with its brand new “Birthday Video Cam”.

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The feature pops up as you are about to write your happy birthday message to someone, with A CTA asking you to record a short video for them instead. It is currently only available on iOS – no news when it will be available on other platforms as it hasn’t actually been announced – but you can record a 15-second message with your phone camera.

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And I haven’t even got to the best part. As soon as you’re done (i.e. happy with the result) you can add a themed frame to sweeten up your birthday wish. It’s obvious that Facebook wants to take over every aspect of our online lives and more importantly how we communicate with each other. We expect this feature, along with many other recent ones to help people connect better on the platform.

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This became evident this year, as I felt that everyone remembered my birthday! Nope. Not that many people would have remembered had it not been for Facebook reminding them. It has also come to the point of remembering it was someone’s birthday simply from the response to birthday wished up to a week later. Just you wait and see.

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