Google Introduces Spaces, A Tool For Small Group Sharing

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Google’s attempt to create its own social network has pretty much failed. Sure, it has become a rather ‘big player’ with Google+, and there are many of you out there who love the platform. But, in the grand scheme of things? No, Google hasn’t been able to really ‘make it work’.

But… it knows that sharing can be difficult“getting friends into the same app can be challenging”. So, it launched Spaces – a tool for sharing between people in small interest groups.

Sharing things within a group is really not that easy. Users of any group with a specific interest have to constantly switch between apps to copy and paste links, and group conversations mostly don’t stay on topic. Also, “things get lost in endless threads” – so you can’t really get back to them easily.

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Because of the above, Google decided to create Spaces – an app that allows people to get together and instantly share things around any specific topic.


Spaces is special, because users can find content – articles, videos and images without ever leaving the app. Google Search, YouTube and Chrome are built into it by default.


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Users can easily search for anything that was shared before – it might be a video, a comment, an image or an article. Anything new that is shared appears in the app’s conversational view.


Users can create ‘spaces’ really easily and then invite anyone they like, however they like – messaging, email, a social network, etc. The app is launching on Android, iOS, mobile web for Gmail accounts, as well as desktop. Give it a try!

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