Fun Pop Mashup Of The Week #57

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Happy New Year people! Here’s to a 2016 full of fun, laughter and all things social (media)! I am hoping your heads aren’t feeling too bad, and that you are planning your takeaway-eating carefully. The first meal of the year has to be a good one… start as you mean to carry on.

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And so, before any healthy resolutions kick in, let’s feast on some mash.


The BBC’s website and iPlayer went down yesterday and what better and classic way to mark the occasion, than a good ol’ fashioned #. While the Beeb’s tech team was frantically trying to work out how to get things back up and running, #BBCDown was trending on Twitter.

It turns out they had suffered a DDoS or “distributed denial of service” attack but are now back up and running. But not before some typical, Twitter-tastic, fun was had


And my personal favourite –

Also on Twitter, quite a few brands got ahead of themselves with scheduled Happy New Year tweets.


New Year’s Eve Posts

Hands up if any of these have graced your Facebook feed in the past 24 hours! Double points for more than three. I’ve had five (so far)! Also raise your hand if YOU posted any one of these gems:

‘New year, new me!’

“Time for a Facebook cull”

‘2016 is going to be MY year’

‘Guess who said yes!?’

‘See you next year!’ (posted at 11:59 PM)

‘I remember 2015 like it was yesterday’ (00:01)

‘It doesn’t even feel like New Year…’

‘Couldn’t quite make it ’til midnight’ (with photo of sleeping child/small dog/cat)

‘Thank you to everyone who made this year special (enter 2462345365 names) #blessed’

All, or some, accompanied by:

a. drunken pouting selfies

b. blurry fireworks

c. glitter

d. all of the above

Some things never change!


If you love Instagram, you know that the past couple of days have been about the Best Nine of 2015 – Simply… the best photos from your Insta year. Now here’s the celeb version for you:






You can continue the fun yourself right here, all you need is your Insta ID

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Year In Tumblr Review

From my Tumblr to yours, here are the best, most reblogged memes of last year. They include, “the dress”, Pepe the Frog and The Charlie Charlie Challenge, but my personal favourites are definitely Left Shark, Texts from Last Night and Squad Goals. Here’s all of them. May I just say… they are ideal hangover cures!


More and more people are discovering the wonders of Snapchat, and they come from all walks of life and all ages. A Belgian father has recently found internet fame after posting a series of incredible pictures of his baby son turned into famous characters. Lukas Costeur, a graphic designer, now has hundreds of fans, following his creative snaps of Felix as Batman, Super Mario, Spider-Man and even Rich Uncle Pennybags from the game Monopoly.

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Take a little look…





A very happy new year to all! #NewYearNewMash

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