Facebook’s “On This Day” Is A Great Success

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All of us who use Facebook all at least aware of the “On This Day” feature, which shows us old posts, photos, status updates from previous years on a specific date. It takes us back in time, and that is a major appeal to people. According to Facebook, “On This Day” has been a great success so far, bringing nostalgia to everyone.

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The feature was introduced just over a year ago almost down to the day, and although many thought it was just an imitation of Timehop. But it’s been hugely successful – a lot more than Timehop – with over 60 million daily active users and 155 million subscribers. Subscribers are those who would like to receive notifications about their past activities on Facebook.

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Previously, Facebook has faced criticism for “On This Day” since people were being reminded of things that they really did not want to be reminded of. An ex, a loved one they had lost, or anything else that one simply does not want to be reminded about 5 years down the line. The algorithm has since been refined and apparently Facebook has done a really good of it.

It has also been reported that Facebook is starting to develop and use AI to rank posts on the feature. It did the same with “Year In Review” – which was also criticised initially.

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