Facebook Video Is Getting A Lot Smarter

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Facebook never ceases to amaze us with the speed at which it releases its new features. The latest promise to make your videos super smart, with embedded facial recognition and auto-captioning features.

Recent reports reveal that Facebook is working on technology that will help users have their profiles automatically tagged on videos, just like they do on photos. This new functionality is the result of further improvements in Facebook’s proprietary technology, which could help users look for their photos and footage on every material shared with them and also trace specific moments in videos that may include them.

Also, Facebook is bringing more goodies to video uploads, helping users generate captions automatically, without having to upload their own subtitle files. This, practically means that apart from facial recognition, the social network is making its speech recognition tools even more effective, especially for users who are hearing impaired.

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Let’s not forget that only a few weeks ago, Facebook debuted a new functionality powered by Artificial Intelligence, that makes all pictures available to visually-impaired users, by providing enhanced captions and object descriptions.

Exciting times for Facebook – as it never stops investing in innovation.

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