Facebook Upgrades Its Ads And Page Posts For Offers

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Have you ever used Facebook’s Offers to entice people to visit your online store or brick-and-mortar retail store? Well, if you found the experience less than fabulous you weren’t the only one. So, Facebook is giving Offers a facelift! 

And not just a “facelift” as such – the company has announced some new features for Offers, their ad units and page posts. The new Offers are built for mobile. They now offer a “streamlined mobile experience”, making it easier for people to claim and keep track of them. Now, advertisers can share discounts and promotions on mobile and Facebook, decide how long their Offers run and who sees them. It’s also become easier to claim and keep track of claimed Offers.

Online And In-Store Offers

Businesses can now create two Offer types. Online and in-store. They can be shared in two ways. Through Offers ads, or Page posts that appear both in the mobile and desktop News Feed… and even as carousel ads! Advertisers can now also optimise delivery of their online Offers to the very people who are “most likely to make a purchase on their site”. Additionally, businesses can check the tally of their claimed offers within ads reporting.

New Offers Tab

And if a business posts an Offer the good old-fashioned way (i.e as a Page post), they need not worry if people will see them. Users can always go to the new Offer tab on all Pages to see all offers by a specific business. Users can also find the offers they have claimed in the new Offers bookmark. When it’s time to redeem a claimed offer, users can

 copy the offer code and access details, such as terms and conditions, on their mobile device while they’re on the advertiser’s mobile site . This way, no one needs to memorise codes or information while shopping. For in-store, people can easily access their Offer through the Offers bookmark and pull it up on their phone at the register. Businesses can choose to enable a barcode or QR code to scan at check out.

Offers Reminders & Separate Offers Codes Or Barcodes

Users will also be reminded about the Offers they have claimed. This way they won’t miss redeeming one. Facebook will remind people of expiring Offers, and will also remind them next time they log in on their desktop, of an Offer they claimed on mobile.

Finally, Facebook Offers also support separate codes or barcodes for each claimed Offer – Advertisers provide these. And to avoid over distribution, the company is working on providing unique offer codes.

With unique offer codes, Facebook Offers will allow advertisers to seamlessly provide unique offer codes to each individual, preventing the Offer from being distributed to people on a larger scale.

Online Offer ads are available immmediately, but in-store ads will start to roll out soon.

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