Facebook Updates Dynamic Ads For Travel To Drive More Bookings

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In order to increase the reach, power, and reach of its dynamic ads for travel, Facebook is introducing three new ways to help businesses with the ad format.

Booking travel is customer journey that is far from simple. Facebook knows that its a long and complex one – and so it offers dynamic ads for travel, for businesses to get in front of people who are most interested in booking a trip. According to Facebook’s own research, people already spend five times more time on its platform than on travel related sites, so it only makes sense to get their intent where they spend time.

Showing people content they’re likely to be interested in is only part of the way to streamline the booking process. Today, Facebook is expanding the power of dynamic ads for travel to help businesses generate more bookings.

Promote Hotels and Flights

Dynamic ads for travel were launched last year to help travel businesses deliver “personalized hotel options to people who have shown interest in taking a trip.” Now, Facebook has expanded the format to allow those businesses to also promote relevant flights. The flights that people see, will be based on what they have browsed. The format can also be used to “upsell travelers based on flights they recently booked.”

Such personalization leads to higher conversions, and lower lower cost per booking costs.

Increase Reach with Broad Audience Targeting

All hotel advertisers now get the new broad audience targeting for dynamic ads for travel. Thus, advertisers can can reach more travelers – not just those who visited their website or app. The feature is already available to all hotel advertisers, and Facebook plans to make it available for businesses promoting flights as well.

Broad audience targeting for dynamic ads for travel leads to revenue growth and significantly higher reach. It will be expanded to all of Facebook’s markets globally.

More Creative Options to Capture Attention

Facebook says that “more than half of the travelers [it] studied found their travel inspiration on Facebook and Instagram.” To help advertisers stand out in the feed, Facebook is introducing new creative solutions. One is social context, to make dynamic ads for travel “feel even more relevant to people.” By showing people that their friends visited a place they are inspired to plan their own trips.

Facebook has also introduced overlays that businesses can use to “draw more attention to prices or promotions.” Overlays, sitting on top of “inspiring creative” capture people’s attention.

Finally, advertisers can use the collection ad format with dynamic ads for travel. How about showcasing an engaging video or image, with specific travel options below? Easily done. This is where the collection ad format becomes even more valuable.

Image: Facebook

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