Facebook Is Testing ‘Go Live’ Button From Its Camera

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You may soon be able to go live directly from your Facebook Camera with a dedicated ‘go live’ button. But that’s not all. Facebook is also testing the ability to use Live Stories, Live Audio or create GIFs, right from within Facebook Camera.

Previously, the only way you could go go live on Facebook would be to tap on the “Live” button when composing a status update. Now, some users are seeing a “go live” button within their Facebook Camera. The same users also see some other features like Live Audio, the ability to create GIFs or to record live video to their stories.

With the test, Facebook is effectively grouping all of its Camera features where they count most – whether it’s taking a photo or recording video to use in Stories or later, or live streaming video or audio, Camera will soon be the one place to do all. If you’re part of the test group, you should be able to find the new features at the top of your Camera screen.

The options will appear as “Live,” “Normal,” and “GIF.” When going live, you can then either tap on the video camera button denoting live video, or the microphone button denoting live audio.

Additionally, you won’t need to share your live video in a Facebook post. You can go live in your Facebook Story as well… or… both. The test also contains a recent addition to Facebook Stories – the ability for a Story to be Public – as well as the usual audience options like Friends in general, or specific friends.

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