Facebook Targets 1 Billion Users For Messenger

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This year is going to be huge for Facebook Messenger. The app is set to eliminate all competition, and has its eyes set firmly on the prize in becoming the most-used and the only messaging platform you will ever need. The stats confirm this.

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As David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products wrote in a blog post, the popular messaging platform has now over 800 million monthly active users. This is updated, after announcing 500 million MAUs in November 2014, 600 million in March 2015, and 700 million in June of the same year, showing that Messenger is adding around 200 million active users each year, more or less.

This is why we believe that 2016 could be the year during which Facebook Messenger will hit the 1 billion MAU mark. The platform has added many features to its arsenal recently. From emojis to game changing integrations with e-commerce suites and payments, there is a certainly a hope that there’s further growth-potential for Messenger.


The team behind Facebook Messenger will be working on some key themes throughout 2016, in order to ensure constant growth and overall development, as well as further integration of the communications platform. Some of this year’s concepts for thought and implementation are:

  • – With phones evolving from communication machines to pocket computers, we say goodbye to old styles of communication. For Messenger, the challenge, is to take our communication a step further, without having to rely on traditional SMS or even a phone number. 
  • – At Messenger, one of the goals is to help its users interact with brands and perform purchases, all from one place. We have seen some examples in the past, but Facebook wants to make sure that adoption rates from both businesses and users, stay high.
  • – Creating your personal space of communication is a priority for Messenger. We have already seen how users can customise their chat sessions with colours and nicknames, however the team at Messenger wants to make sure that you can personalise your conversations, so that you can keep what really matters.
  • – Moreover, innovation is in the scope for Messenger. Facebook promises us that M is only the beginning and, while it’s still early days, more goodies are on the way.

All these sound very exciting indeed. What’s even more exciting is that with two of its properties surpassing the 1 billion MAU mark, Facebook is set to dominate not only Europe, Americas and emerging markets, but also even the Chinese, hard-to-crack market. What do you think?

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