Facebook Enhances Intellectual Property Management With A New Acquisition

by • July 27, 2017 • Breaking News, FacebookComments Off on Facebook Enhances Intellectual Property Management With A New Acquisition4127

It’s no news that Facebook is using intelligent algorithms and AI for a variety of reasons and the latest scoop is that it will use it to prevent against cases of copyright infringement.

According to the latest reports, Facebook has acquired Source3 for an undisclosed amount. Source3 is a platform that recognises, organises and analyses branded intellectual property in user-generated content, using object recognition technology. The company caters to industries such as sports, music, entertainment and fashion, and owns an end-to-end platform to manage online intellectual property, and to facilitate relationships with brands.

The way Source3 works is that it matches objects found in online content with those in its reference database, and flags any potential content infringement cases. Although it’s still unclear how this could be embedded into Facebook’s existing functionalities, it is expected to enhance its Rights Manager platform, which helps video content creators spot and report any content they own, is published without their authorisation.

Moreover, it would make sense for Facebook to leverage Source3’s existing brand database, so as to help brands protect their content, and also to generate additional revenue streams.

In a statement, Source3 announces it’s “excited” to bring its “IP, trademark and copyright expertise to the team at Facebook and serve their global community of two billion people, who consume content, music, videos and other IP every day.”

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