Facebook Rolls Out Support For Apple Live Photos

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With the introduction of Apple Live Photos on the iPhone 6 and 6S lines, there wasn’t really a way to share them with the world, unless you were sharing them with others who have the same device. Now Facebook is starting to roll out support for the format to users on iOS.

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Live Photos is a feature that allows users of the newest iOS mobile devices to record short videos or sound clips with photographs. They are an “enhanced” image format that help users create richer photographic experiences. Naturally, Facebook is starting to take notice of them. Just a few days ago, Tumblr also added support for the new format.

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Now, the creation of Live Photos is not available to that many people at the moment (in the grand scheme of things) so only some users on iOS will have the opportunity to upload a Live Photo to Facebook. The feature is being rolled out slowly but steadily within the next few weeks-months.


The process of uploading a Live Photo is pretty much the same as with any other image, just that now as soon as the image is uploaded you will see an indication on the bottom-right hand side of your it – A “Live” Box.

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You will need to click on that if you want to upload the image as the new format. You will have to do this each time you upload a Live Photo. This of course is a good security measure so that you don’t make any… slip ups.


When people see Live Photos in their News Feeds, they will look like any other photo but will have a little “Live Photo” symbol on the bottom-right. That’s the same symbol uses to signify recording the format on the iPhone. You can view a Live Photo in all its glory by long-pressing it and releasing when you’re done. You will need a device running at least iOS 9 to be able to do so though.

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