Facebook Rolls Out Its Explore Feed On Mobile And Desktop

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Facebook has been testing its Explore feed as a way for users to be able to find new Pages to follow, or new content to consume. The feature was being tested on mobile until now, but now that it’s being rolled out officially, it will be available on desktop as well.

Your News Feed has become a place that doesn’t really show you anything new. It shows you posts from friends and Pages you follow, first and foremost, so if you’re interested in finding new things, they are unlikely to show up in your feed. Facebook wants to change that. So, it’s been testing Facebook Explore on mobile – a custom feed that allows you to discover new things outside your bubble – new posts to interact with and people and Pages to follow. Last week, Facebook started rolling out Explorer officially, and it’s coming to desktop as well.

Explore is a news feed of sorts – but it suggests content from Pages and public profiles you might be interested in. The suggestions are all relevant and labeled with “Popular With Your Friends” or “Popular Among Followers of,” mentioning the name of a specific page. This gives you some idea of the relevance and the reason you are seeing the suggestion.

Everyone’s Explore Feed will be totally different and relies on what you already like or follow, as well as what your friends like. Also, it doesn’t only suggest posts. It will suggest places to go, groups to join, and more. And it won’t have any ads in it! Have you seen your Explore feed?

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