Facebook Rolls Out 360 Video To Ads And iOS

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Anyone else out there think that 360 video is the next best thing after sliced bread? Well, I think it is. And Facebook is banking on it. Not that long ago, the company launched 360 video on Android and desktop. Now, it’s time for 360 video in Ads and iOS.

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Yes, iOS users will be pleased about his. But Facebook has another ace up its sleeve. “Samsung Gear VR and supported Samsung smartphone” users can play 360 video from their News Feed directly in the device. Cue, the very beginning of Facebook’s immersive 360 experience.


Now, 360 video creators also have a lot more support from Facebook with a “360 video microsite dedicated to providing relevant resources and information. The site includes upload guidelines, common questions, and a set of best practices authored by Chris Milk and Aaron Koplin of Vrse, a leading virtual reality studio.”

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On the microsite, prospective creators can stock up on ideas, viewing many examples of 360 experiences created by others.


Before uploading 360 videos onto Pages, creators will be able to change where the camera is looking. Essentially, Facebook is giving video creators some more post-production power and control over how their videos appear on the platform.

To help 360 video creators, Facebook is also now making it easier for them to upload their videos from Theta, Giroptic, IC rReal Tech and 360fly cameras and share them directly with people on the platform.

Last but not least, Facebook is “starting to test 360 video as an advertising format as well”. Several big brands like AT&T, Corona, Nescafe, Ritz, Samsung, and Walt Disney World are currently running video ads in 360. No news when other “mortals” will have access, but I don’t expect them to take that long. Right?

Here is a great example from GoPro (click here to open natively on Facebook)

Have you come across any of these new 360 ads yet?

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